Friday, November 15, 2019

The Bastrop B3 Code is Adopted!

The Bastrop B3 Code is Adopted!

After months of community outreach, refinement and hard work, the Bastrop City Council unanimously voted to adopt the Bastrop Building Block (B3) Code, Technical Manual and Pattern Book at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting. The B3 Code presents an alternative to current day development patterns and processes, with a rekindling of the American Grid pattern ignited by Traditional Neighborhood Design principles. 

The B3 Code is organized in a hierarchal structure from the highest scale, city wide planning, to the smallest scale, the lot and building. The code builds neighborhoods inclusive of all place types necessary to live in close proximity to services, a variety of housing types, and close access to nature. The location of a place type is handled by geographically determined standards. The place types align with the street types, the frontage types, and building types to ensure all the components of the neighborhood work together in harmony. Each section of the code provides standards that guide development to be holistic to each building, street, block, and neighborhood.

With the adoption of the B3 Code we envision the future of Bastrop as a self-sustaining, walkable, and authentic community. We also want to give special thanks and recognize the concerted efforts of the Bastrop City Council, City Staff and its residents, for their input, assistance and trust in making this code concept a reality. We look forward to watching Bastrop grow and flourish with the new B3 Code.

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